Horse Trekking to Black Pearl

5 days, 4 nights

UB City ➡️ Tuul River Basin ➡️ Khagiin Blake Lake ➡️ Tuul River Basin ➡️ UB city

The first day we leave early from Ulaanbaatar.  At noon we arrive at the Chinggis Khan statue and visit the statue.  After the statue visit we drive further direction Khagiin Blake Lake, about 50 km away from Khagiin Blake Lake we will change from car to horse. Here we start our journey towards untouched nature. We ride 20-25 km and will pitch our camps at the tuul river basin. Here we stay.

On the second day our trip we will ride to Khagiin Blake Lake about 20 km with horses. This path can only be crossed by horses. Therefore, this area is empty and completely isolated from the outside world. Here you will meet different wild animals guaranteed. Arrived in Khagiin Blake Lake we will pitch our camp and enjoy the beautiful nature.

Early morning in the Khagiin Blake Lake is magical. You will love this beautiful landscape. On the second day we will ride around the lake and the surrounding mountains. The view from the mountains down to the lake and the upheaval is so beautiful.

In the morning after breakfast we ride back to civilization. In Tuul River, we will pitch our camps and fish a bit. The last night in free wildness we have a surprise for you.

The last day with horses we will enjoy and ride relaxing to our pickup. Arrived at our car we make small picnic and drive to Ulaanbaatar.


Blake Pearl (Khagiin Khar Nuur)

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