Central Mongolia

4 days 3 nights

UB-Little Gobi nomad family-Chinggiss khan statue, Terelj-UB

In the afternoon we reach the nomads family in the near of little Gobi and get to know each other at lunchtime, after the lunch we rest briefly and get to know what a nomad family day job looks like. Of course, you can also participate in cow milking, flocking the herds together and other activities.

After breakfast you can explore the surroundings and get a sense of how peaceful life is as a nomad.
The lunch preparation will start quite early. The nomads are preparing the sheep and will make a Mongolian bbq for the guests. After the meal, we will do the horseback ride with the horse around the little Gobi.

We leave the nomads family early in the morning after breakfast and drive towards Terelj national park. On the way we will visit the famous statue (Tsonjin Boldog) of conqueror and revolutionary Chinggis Khan.

In Terelj national park we will admire turtles rock, Aryapala monastery and the unique structure of nature.

We will leave Terelj national park and drive to Ulaanbaatar.
Arriving in Ulaanbaatar, we do a shopping tour and fulfill your wishes, whatever you want.

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